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Newington Fish Bar Commits to Fair Wages as a Living Wage Employer

We’re thrilled to announce that Newington Fish Bar has taken a significant step forward in supporting its employees by becoming an accredited Living Wage Employer. This notable achievement aligns with the values of The Living Wage Foundation, a movement dedicated to ensuring that every worker receives a wage that truly covers the cost of living.

Being a Living Wage Employer is not just about meeting legal minimums but about leading with compassion and respect for the workforce. Newington Fish Bar has committed to pay wages that meet or exceed the living wage as calculated by The Living Wage Foundation. This wage reflects the real cost of living and is recalculated annually to keep up with inflation and living standards.

Thank you to all our customers for your ongoing support. Every time you choose to eat with us, you’re supporting fair wages and making a positive impact. Here’s to making a difference together, one fish and chips at a time!

Read more about the Living Wage Foundation here.

Click here and search for “Newington Fish Bar” to check our accreditation.

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