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Newington Fish Bar Team Throws Axes at Staff Day Out

The staff at Newington Fish Bar recently had a great day out together. Instead of sticking to the usual routine of working in the kitchen, serving customers, and preparing fish and chips, the team decided to step out and try something new.

The chosen location for the day out was Margate’s ‘Black Axe throwing’, a super competitive game that is both fast-paced and exhilarating. The game involves throwing axes at targets, which requires a lot of concentration, focus, and skill. The team found the game to be a lot of fun, and it gave them an opportunity to compete with each other in a friendly and enjoyable way.

After the axe throwing, the team enjoyed pizzas together, a change from the usual fish and chips they prepare daily. This was a great way for the team to bond over a shared meal and to take a break from their normal routine.

The team then moved on to ‘Klak Boule bar’, located at the same venue, where they played French Boules, a game that involves throwing or rolling metal balls towards a target called a jack. Once again, the team had a fantastic time playing the game and enjoying each other’s company.

This staff day out was not only a lot of fun but also a great opportunity for the team to connect with each other outside of work. It allowed everyone to let their hair down, relax, and enjoy each other’s company in a different setting. In addition, it was a chance to develop relationships and strengthen the team bond, which is so important in a workplace setting.

Overall, the staff day out was a resounding success, and the team at Newington Fish Bar is already looking forward to planning their next outing. The experience was a great reminder that taking a break from the routine can be beneficial for the team and the business. It helps everyone to recharge their batteries, come back to work feeling refreshed and more productive, and build a stronger team spirit.

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