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Nutritional information about fish and chips

Fish and chips aren't as fattening as pizza

Are fish and chips good for us?

Fish and chips are?a lot of people’s favourite takeaway dish! It is a dish that is easy to find, good for the wallet, and most importantly – yummy! All around Britain, there are popular places where people can enjoy their favourite fish and chips! But are they good for us?

Just because people?love to eat it, it does not mean that they?know a whole lot about fish and chips’ nutritional value.

What they might not know is that, despite being delicious, Fish and chips are also a valuable source of protein, fibre, iron and different vitamins. An average portion of Britain’s favourite take-away dish usually provides a third of the recommended daily allowance of vitamins for men and nearly half for women.

Fish and chips only has 542 calories in 100 grams, that’s not too bad!

While it might not be the healthiest choice of food out there, regular fish and chips dishes are not nearly as bad as some of the other fast food products that people love to eat. And in more cases than not, getting fish and chips is a better idea than getting some of the other popular takeaway, like pizza, kebabs and chinese.

A Doner Kebab, for instance, has 942 calories in just 100 grams. Our beloved pizza has 871 calories in 100 grams. But fish and chips only has 542 calories in 100 grams, that’s not too bad!

Fish and chips also have the lowest fat content of the popular takeaway meals. With 9,42 grams of fat in 100 grams of fish and chips, this dish beats pizza, with its 11 grams of fat and Doner Kebab with its 16,2.

These facts make all the fish and chips lovers out there more at ease. It is relieving to know that even though your favourite food is takeaway, it is still not that bad for you or your health!

So, dear fish and chips lovers, next time you are in the Thanet area or anywhere in Kent really. And your looking to go out for some food. Make sure you come visit us at Newington Fish Bar in Ramsgate, and?just think about these nutritional numbers. You can enjoy ? good helping of salt-sprinkled, malt vinegar-splashed?fish?and chips, and not ever feel guilty!

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